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About Pethelp

It started around 1968 or so, when a little girl walked up to a zookeeper holding a squirrel in her arms and said “this one’s not in a cage”, while her mother shook her head. Her father had to explain not long after that “we use hooks, bait and poles” to the same little girl as she stood before him holding the fish she’d just caught in her bare hands.

After a host of childhood pets, a summer handling cattle on a horse ranch, a couple summers managing a horse-back riding camp and she was ready for work. From veterinary assistant to animal control officer to shelter manager to education director she went. Somewhere along the line she picked up a Master’s in Psychology and Behavior, and worked as a school counselor, a nanny and an executive assistant.

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Grown-up Didi is best known as an expert in animal behavior, a professional animal control officer and educator and a lover of animals, including humans.

She launched Pethelp in 1999, has always worked with Dr. Blount, and joined forces with Sarah B and Steel Dog Productions in 2008. In the coming decade, they'll be teaming up to bring completely new programs and projects in animal welfare, while sticking to Pethelp's original mission of helping pet owners keep and enjoy the animals they live with.

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