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Heard about the PUPS bill?

Whether you breed dogs, rescue dogs, work with dogs, or even just plan to get the perfect puppy for your family one of these days, you might want to know about this bill.


Got pets?

Your friends have pets. Your parents aren't convinced. Here's some great advice on how to talk your folks into letting you have a pet.


And if that doesn't work...

Here's a pretty good list of careers that let you spend your days with animals.


New! Get Pethelp on Yahoo!® Answers

So far this month (and often), the hottest behavior question is housetraining. Those other kids and their Christmas puppies, perhaps? Let's face it, it's a basic requirement to living comfortably with pets and people. Get straightforward advice from the Pethelp archive.


Smell Like a Dog

If we said we had an activity you and your dog can do together successfully no matter what else you've tried and what limitations either of you thinks you have, would you believe it? Well, here it is.



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